Croatian Wine Roads

Croatian Wine Roads

Day 1. arrival at Pula airport, meeting with tour guide and departure towards Motovun, accommodating in hotel. After we take a rest and refresh we will walk through that romantic medieval town and at dinner for the first time meet istrian cuisine and wines.

Day 2. first wine to know will be istarska malvazija. We will see multiple rewarded winery Arman which is known by that sort. Malmsey is the most typical and the most significant wine sort in Istra. It is dry vine, straw-yellow color and belongs to half bouquet sorts. In afternoon we will visit coastal town Porec and Eufazijana, the superior monument of Byzantine culture included in UNESCO’s monumental heritage.

Day 3. today we will dedicate beside wine to other istrian gastronomic treasure, truffle. After breakfast we will go to Momjan, a small place where is raised well known golden momjan muscat, superior dessert wine. We will visit winery Kabola, well known vine maker Marin Markezic, who got the golden medal for his muscat. At return we will visit Livade, istrian capital of truffle. Family Zigante will transfer us all their love and knowledge about that delicacy. After we find out everything that can be found out about truffle we will feast us with delicious dinner and taste the most precious istrian red wine.

Day 4. after breakfast we will go toward Slavonia, panonic part of Croatia, but before we leave Istra, we will visit Hum, the smallest town in world. After we get to know with old script at the Alley of Glagolitic monks, we will salute Istra with biska, a brandy for which they say it heals and has effect like aphrodisiac, and it is made on base of recipe 3 000 years old which Celts left to old Istrian. We will get to vinarija Zdjelarevic in the evening, settle in vineyard and take a rest with true slavonian dinner.

Day 5. today we will visit golden valley of Pozega, Valis aurea. With horse drawn cart we will look up the greatest vineyards in Croatia, and when we get on belvedere and feast us with rich slavonian breakfast, which is Plata Cica Mata (KULEN- paprika flavored sausages, pressed tongue, bacon, dry smoked neck…) with various brad (corn- , rye- ), and vine and home made cake (walnut loaf, poppy seed cake). After that we will visit Cistercian wine-cellars from 1232. year and taste vines from Kutjevo guided by eminent experts. When we return to our hotel we will get to know vines from Sava river valley in vine cellar of our hosts, family Zdjelarevic.

Day 6. we continue our journey on Slavonia and leave to Ilok, romantic town on river Danube. But just before that we will visit Osijek, walk through fortress Tvrda, secession avenues and drink coffee on banks of river Drava. After Osijek we will stop by in city of Vukovar- the heroic town of Croatian War of Independence. In the evening hours we will get in our hotel situated on bank of Drava, have dinner and take a rest.

Day 7. after breakfast we will get to know the beauty of Ilok. We’ll begin with church Sv Ivan Kapistran,city walls and castle of counts Odescalci and finish with walk along Danube river. In the afternoon we will visit eminent wine cellars in Ilok and taste well-known traminac. Traminac precisely in Ilok shows the best sort feature and confirms status of royal wine, that is why winemakers of Europe call it the king of wines. After we take a rest and refresh in our rooms, we will have rich slavonian dinner and song of tamburitza players till late in the night.