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The good thing with us is that we do not make money an issue. Whether you are traveling on a budget or want to travel luxuriously, we will give it all to you. All you have to do is to come to us and let us talk things over as to how you want to go about with your vacation. For sure, you want nothing but the best for you when you go out there and see the world.

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Come to Croatia, Be Captivated By Its Beauty

With its strategic location between Central Europe and the Balkans, Croatia has a quintessential Mediterranean feel. Balmy days, brilliant sapphire waters, and bold ancient walled towns compete with the rich cultural legacy of the competing kingdoms that claimed it.

Walk around any historic town and discover several architectural styles complementing, sometimes clashing, with each other – grand Venetian palazzos compete with imposing Napoleonic forts while graceful Viennese mansions contrast with stark Socialist Realist artwork, for example. Be sure to safely carry your valuables using an travel pouch while touring different locations and don’t forget to take the finest in international luggage by first visiting http://www.carryingbaggage.com. Visit museums, like Archaeological Museum Osijek, Archaeological Museum Zagreb, and Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, to get a feel of its history and to understand its psyche.

Break into the natural reserve of its people and get invited into a local home to partake of a feast worthy of a king. Be prepared for surprises as there is no typical Croatian meal, thanks to the wide diversity of local cuisines.

Kulen (spicy sausages), cobanac (shepherd’s stew), and štrukli (cheese-filled pasta) are national favorites, however, so you must try them. Be ready for fresh seafood dishes, too, including octopus, scampi, and crabs in the coastal towns.

Croatia has one of the best coastlines in the Mediterranean partly because of its diversity. Glitz and glamour are found in places like Hvar. Naturists make Pula and Rab their second home. Families can choose from dozens of beach resorts with great facilities and friendly staff.

Shift your gaze from the glittering coast to the imposing mountains especially near the Adriatic coast. The Dinaric Alps, the highest points in the country, are popular destinations for hiking, trekking and camping.

With its diverse geography from the flat agricultural plains in the Central European area to the highlands and low mountains along the Adriatic coast, there are plenty of places and activities to do in Croatia. Book the Dubrovnik sea kayak and snorkeling tour where the Dubrovnik’s clear blue waters beg to be explored.

Get into the Plitvice Lakes National Park and marvel at its beautiful green forest, crystalline lakes, and majestic waterfalls. Frolic on the sand, soak up the sun, and enjoy watersports at Zlatni Rat.

Keep in mind that the culture including the places, food and traditions between the continental and coastal areas are different so each area is a must-visit for tourists. Be sure to adopt a respectful attitude toward Croatian language, culture and history as well as its people.